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STP-Auto Heavy Truck/RV Packages and pricing


Hand wash (Exterior package)

• Consists of pressure washing outside of vehicle, hand wash body with a hand mitt and rinse. Hand dry and clean outside glass

- Sleeper $120
- Daycab $100
- RV $ **Call for quote




Steam clean engine / Hand wash

• De grease engine bay, steam pressure wash everything, and dress with exterior dressing, then hand wash the exterior

- Sleeper $380
- Daycab $360
- RV **Call for quote




4 Step Buff

• Consists of complete buff with a Whool Pad, then Cut, Polished, Waxed

- Sleeper $400+
- daycab  $300
- RV  **Call for quote




Headlight recondition

• Our headlight reconditions consist of an 5 stage sanding process, followed by a buff and polish, improves visual outlook of vehicle, and safety and lighting improves

- $60 for set
- $35 for single





Sand/Polish fuel Tanks -

• Consists of sanding out as many blemishes as possible and bringing that polished shine to them

$250+/tank depending on size of tank
(Polish all visible areas)

Removing tanks:

$375+/tank depending on size of tank

(Removing the tanks will consist of an entire 360 degree polish)

** Extra charges can also apply for extra scratches, rock chips, or any other blemishes wished to remove

Tank Steps - $50 per step




Leather package

• Leather package includes steam cleaning leather seats, and leather conditioning them

 **Price quote on condition



Shampoo package 

• Shampoo package includes vacuuming out vehicle and shampooing carpets and cloth seats, price subject to change if no cloth seats

** Price quoted on 




Interior package 

• Interior package consists of vacuuming out vehicle, cleaning all plastics, shampooing carpet/headliner, shampooing/steaming seats and vinyl floring, dressing all plastics, cleaning inside glass

- Sleeper $400+
- Daycab $300
- RV **Call for quote




Complete package
- Sleeper $975
- Daycab $750
- RV $

• Complete package consists of both interior and exterior packages along with Steam cleaning the engine area, combined as one for a lower rate

Complete + buff package 
- Sleeper $1,275+
- Daycab $1150+
- RV  **Call for quote

• Complete + buff package consists of both interior and exterior packages combined as one, also including a buff package for a lower rate


 Pickup and Drop off Service

let us pick up your vehicle and give it the care it deserves. Schedule this service for as low as $50 anywhere in the Fargo/Moorhead area


  • Paint sealant -$100
  • Paint sealant is a protective layer that creates a barrier between the paint and any substances that might make contact with the vehicle. Aside from protecting it, paint sealant also makes the surface shiny. it is considered similar to car wax, but tends to last longer
  • Opti-coat -$ starts at $400.00 and up
  • Opti-Coat (Opti-Guard) is a hard wearing, aftermarket, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (9H) and chemical etching from environmental impacts. It provides permanent protection for all factory paints, and can also be applied to exterior glass, metal and hard plastic surfaces.
  • Ozone -$75
  • Ozone is an air purifier, it comes in contact with mold and mildew, pollen, odors, smoke smell or other airborne bacteria, it combines with pollutants, rendering them inactive by oxidation and leaving behind pure clean oxygen
  • Pet hair removal -$price is subject to amount of hair/time
  • To Remove pet hair that is in the vehicle is at an extra charge, followed by a thorough vacuum
  • Interior removal -$60
  • Interior removal is an extra charge, If vehicle is dirty enough, it might require us to need to pull the interior out
  • Vacuum -$15 (price is subject to change with condition) - RV $60
  • A thorough vacuum
  • Interior repair -$ price is subject to type/size of repair
  • Is your leather or vinyl cracking/tearing? How about your steering wheel, is that wearing away? Possibly cigarette burns in your seats? We can fix that! Along with many other repairs.
  • Bumper repair -$ price is subject to type/size of repair
  • Is your bumper full of rock chips/scratches, possibly cracked or full of etching from bugs? We can fix that!
  • Glass replacement -$ Starts at $200.00 and up
  • Cracked windshield, or just maybe one to many rock chips? We can get your vehicle a new windshield at the best rate we can manage! Guaranteed no leaks, or fixed for free!
  • Glass chip repair -$ 40 for first, and $10 for each after
  • Another vehicle throw a rock and chip your windshield, well don’t worry too much, we can fix most chips, and stop them from future cracking, if the chip is bad enough although, you may need a windshield
  • Glass clean package -$20 - RV $60
  • A streak free inside/outside glass cleaning, get rid of water marks/paint overspray/etc on your glass
  • Tint removal/installation -$100 for removal / $200 and up for install
    (price is subject to change with condition)
  • Is your tint to dark and getting you in trouble, or perhaps you just don’t like that you can’t see through it, or just plain old don’t like it. We can remove it for you!
  • Or perhaps your looking to make your vehicle a little sleeker looking, want to keep the sun out, we can do tint installation also!
  • Remove vinyl/stickers -Quote
  • Need vinyl and or stickers removed from your vehicle? We will remove them safely, get rid of any excess adhesive left behind by them and spot buff around where they were so you’re not left with sun fading/etching marks
  • Tar/Rail dust removal -Quote
  • Use a clay bar with body shine to remove rail dust, and adhesive remover with microfiber to remove tar, price is subject to amount of time removing
  • Rim and Tire package -$40 per wheel
  • Thoroughly steam clean the rims and tires, remove any tar, rail dust, grease, etc. from them, and hand clean them for a finish, and dress tires

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