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  • Ozone -$75
  • Ozone is an air purifier, it comes in contact with mold and mildew, pollen, odors, smoke smell or other airborne bacteria, it combines with pollutants, rendering them inactive by oxidation and leaving behind pure clean oxygen
  • Pet hair removal -$price is subject to amount of hair/time
  • To Remove pet hair that is in the vehicle is at an extra charge, followed by a thorough vacuum
  • Interior removal -$50
  • Interior removal is an extra charge, If vehicle is dirty enough, it might require us to need to pull the interior out
  • Vacuum -$15 (price is subject to change with condition)
  • A thorough vacuum
  • Interior repair -$ price is subject to type/size of repair
  • Is your leather or vinyl cracking/tearing? How about your steering wheel, is that wearing away? Possibly cigarette burns in your seats? We can fix that! Along with many other repairs.
  • Remove vinyl/stickers -$45/hour
  • Need vinyl and or stickers removed from your vehicle? We will remove them safely, get rid of any excess adhesive left behind by them and spot buff around where they were so you’re not left with sun fading/etching marks.



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