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We repair and replace Fifth wheels on all class 8 trucks. Our service shop installs and repairs Holland, Fontaine, Simplex, and Jost Fifth wheels.

  • Fifth Wheel Installations
  • Fifth Wheel Rebuild Kit Installation
  • Fifth Wheel Mount Installation
  • Fifth Wheel Raising
  • Rail Kit Installations
  • Inspection and Gauging for Wear
  • Install Used Fifth Wheels
  • Swap Worn Plates with Used Plates

Checking Fifth Wheel Jaws

Fifth Wheel Gauging Copy

We Raise Fifth Wheels for Fender Clearance

Raising Fifth Wheels Copy

We Stock Used Take off Fifth Wheels

Used Take off Fifth Wheels

We Replace Trailer King Pins

Kingpin service

MTEI can do many things with your fifth wheel preferences and needs. WE can rebuild them if needed, raise them for fender clearance and other reasons.
MTEI replaces worn kingpin’s on trailers. We can carbon arc your old kingpin out and weld in a new kingpin. If you kingpin plate is bad we can fix or replace that as well.

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