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We service air brakes on all makes and models of trucks and trailers.

 Tractor/Trailer Brake Job Special - $499


 Additional parts shown below may be required  

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Brake job includes:
New shoes & spring kits on each wheel

Labor includes: remove all wheels, brake drums, shoes and springs. Inspect drums for cracks and wear, inspect hub seals for leakage. Check camshaft bushings for wear, and check slack adjusters for adjustabilty.

Brake shoes that qualify for sale price:
4515 Q Rockwell Shoes
4707 Q Plus Rockwell Q Plus
4311 Old Syle Eaton
4709 Eaton Extended

For indvidual wheel or single axle repair, call for quote.



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  Brake Camshaft
Brake Chambers maxi and single

Brake Shoes
Brake Drums
Cam bushing Kits
Slack Adjusters

Gunite Silver Brake Drum 4000X 2x2 300 dpi
Camshaft Bushing Kit

Wheel Attaching
Q+ Shoes
Wheel Seals
Wheel Bearings

Axle Replacement & Repair

13 Ton Axle trailer semi trailer axle With Outboard Drum