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Having cool air inside the vehicle is a must during the heated weather. We understand that having cool AC is a must and a comfort worth having. MTEI will ensure you our best quality service when it comes to air condition in your vehicle.. We have a vac-recovery machine to save your Freon while the repairs are done. We also have a “sniffer” for tracking down any leak in your AC System. 


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AC Compressor
AC Compressor

  • A/C Compressors
  • Blower Motors
  • Charge Air Coolers
  • A/C Clutches
  • Filters- Driers
  • MIE Compressor
  • Accumulator
  • Condensers & Evaporators
  • Expansion Valves
  • Freon Refrigerant
  • Plus MORE . . .

Receiver Dryer

Reciever Dryer 3

Quality Truck AC Service

AC Repair Service


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